Investor-State Law Guide

Research Tools

Whether you’re seeking information on a specific topic, tribunal, treaty or outcome, our tools let you scan a global repository of legal materials in an instant to get the answers you’re looking for. Use the articles in this section to learn how to use each tool to maximize your research potential.

Understanding the Research Tools

Use this to familiarize yourself with the brand new and updated core features of ISLG to help you maximize your research. Knowing which tool can help you with what will enable you to get the full power of ISLG and reduce your time spent searching for information.

Article Citator

Learn how specific legal instruments have been interpreted or applied by tribunals in just a few clicks with the Article Citator. Sort results according to your needs, such as most recently or most commonly cited provisions, and jump directly to relevant paragraphs and footnotes.

Subject Navigator

Research complex subjects by isolating relevant issues and digging deeper in the Subject Navigator. With an intuitive interface and supplementary research tools, you’ll quickly drill down to the issues you’re looking for.

Jurisprudence Citator

Use the Jurisprudence Citator to quickly see how a particular decision has been considered by subsequent tribunals. Isolate relevant passages and toggle between related decisions and awards to cross-reference your findings.

Publication Citator

Track the history of use of trusted secondary resources with our unique Publication Citator tool. Gain insight into how authoritative materials have been utilized and considered by tribunals.

Terms & Phrases

Use our Terms & Phrases tool to see exactly how language has been defined in the context of previous investment arbitration tribunals.

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Getting Started with ISLG Reports

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