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Investor-State LawGuide (ISLG) was born of the need to provide legal researchers with accurate and comprehensive information at a reasonable cost. With decades of experience in international trade and investment law, Greg Tereposky and Chris Thomas endeavored to solve this problem when they created Tologix, ISLG's parent company. Tologix developed a software platform that efficiently captures and disseminates subject matter expertise to users with the goal of streamlining the cumbersome legal research process.

Using the Tologix software platform, a skilled team of data capture specialists and investment treaty law experts built and launched ISLG in 2011. ISLG's unique ability to map the complex and disparate area of investment treaty law quickly made it a success, and it is currently used by the world's leading law firms, governments, academic institutions and international organizations.

Today, ISLG is powered by a dedicated team of subject matter experts who maintain and contribute value-added material to its research tools. In parallel, Tologix continues to invest in the software platform, and is developing new technologies that enchance users' ability to get the specific information they need, faster.

Meet the team

Greg Tereposky


Paul Moon

Director of Legal Content

Kishan Badri

Director of Sales

Martin Laporte

Software Engineering Manager

Nafiseh Arghandehpour

Legal Content Manager

Marysia Raptis

Office Manager

Irit Weinfeld

Senior Document Manager


Alejandro Barragan

Investment & Trade Economist, Tereposky & DeRose LLP

Olga Boltenko

Partner, Fangda Partners Hong Kong
Chairperson, ICC-HK Commercial Law and Practice Committee

Ximena Iturriaga

Deputy General Director, Secretaría de Economía

Sapna Jhangiani

Partner, Clyde & Co

Csaba Kovács

Arbitration Counsel, CMS UK
Arbitrator, Kovacs Arbitration

J. Cameron Mowatt

Senior Counsel, Tereposky & DeRose LLP

Peter Nikitin

Independent Lawyer-Linguist and Arbitration Consultant

Andrew Newcombe

Associate Professor, University of Victoria, Canada

Jennifer Radford

Partner, Tereposky & DeRose LLP

Mark D. Skilling

Dispute Resolution Attorney

Laura Yvonne Zielinski

International Associate, Holland & Knight LLP

Legal Analysts

Ivaylo Dimitrov

Associate, Omnia Strategy LPP, London

Hassan Kamalinejad

Ph.D. Candidate, University of Victoria, Canada

Séverine Madalena-Beaudet

Legal Consultant

Gonzalo A. Salazar Lizausaba

Associate, Mezgravis & Asociados

Eleo Szulc

International Arbitration Lawyer, Hogan Lovells International LLP

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Why our clients continue to trust ISLG

Quite simply, the leading resource for investor-state law.

John Templeman
Counsel, King & Spalding LLP

A very well thought out and innovative website, making it one of the first ports of call for research in the field of investment law.

Jamie Gallego
Counsel, Lalive

ISLG is an invaluable research tool, particularly in an area of law that lacks a traditional system of precedent. It enables the user to have confidence that their research is thorough and up-to-date.

Tracey Epps
Trade Law Consultant, Chapman Tripp

Thousands of hours have been dedicated by ISLG’s editors and contributors to develop the Subject Navigator. The result is a transfer of legal knowledge from experienced practitioners and academics to ISLG’s users.

J. Cameron Mowatt
Editor, Investor-State LawGuide and Senior Counsel, Tereposky & Derose LLP

Investor-State LawGuide is one of the main databases about foreign direct investment in combination with international arbitration on the Peace Palace Library website. ISLG is very useful in finding ICSID awards and bilateral investment treaties (Full-text). The refinement options in searching result in a perfect navigation through the guide and the annotations are the final touch.

Raymond Ridderhof
International, Comparative and Foreign Law Librarian, Peace Palace University

With its intuitive interface and specific research tools, including the subject-matter navigator and the jurisprudence citator, ISLG has revolutionized the way we do research in connection with investor-state disputes. It is now indispensable to professionals in the field.

Noor Davies
Associate, White & Case LLP