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Understanding the Jurisprudence Reference Counter

This article will explain what the reference counter means, and where you will see it across ISLG.

Explaining the reference counter

The reference counter refers to the number of times this paragraph or document has been cited within the Jurisprudence Citator tool. There are two types of reference indicators:

Reference indicator for the paragraph: 

This refers to the number of times this specific paragraph has been cited within the Jurisprudence Citator (in other words, by other subsequent tribunals’ dispute documents).

Reference indicator for excerpt paragraphs

Reference indicator for the whole dispute document:

This refers to the number of times this document as a whole has been cited within the Jurisprudence Citator.

Reference indicator for the whole document

Read “Getting started with the Jurisprudence Citator” to learn more about the Jurisprudence Citator Tool.

The reference indicator can be a helpful guide when you want to see how frequently a dispute document or a specific paragraph has been referred to.

Where it will appear across ISLG

Most places in ISLG where you can preview paragraph excerpts will display the reference counter. Some exceptions will be Full Text Search, where previewing excerpts is in relation to a searched term. 

To see the reference count for whole documents, you can find them wherever dispute documents are available in a card/list view. Below is a list of where you will find the reference counter in ISLG:

  • Jurisprudence Citator
  • Subject Navigator
  • Dispute Document Library (for whole document count only)
  • Article Citator
  • Publication Citator
  • Terms and Phrases
  • Full Text Search (for whole document count only)

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