Investor-State Law Guide

Notepad and Document Comparison

Use the articles in this section to understand how to save and share your findings and compare documents side by side to find similarities within shared references.

Research Notepad

Learn how to use the updated research notepad view to save and share your findings with others. Through the research notepad you will be able to track your research, monitor and report your usage and collaborate with colleagues.

Getting Started with the Research Notepad

Document Comparison

Get introduces to the new document comparison feature to quickly compare documents and references. See the articles below to learn how to display multiple documents side-by-side and perform line-by-line comparisons of their text.

Getting Started with the Document Comparison

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Use this to familiarize yourself with the ISLG Reports feature, and how you can use it to analyze and customize reports to gain insight and identify patterns and trends in data. ISLG Reports will help you view data on any point of interest, and help you synthesize it to gain relevant insights.


Getting Started with the Publication Citator

Use this guide to familiarize yourself with the Publication Citator tool and understand how you can use it to see how secondary source material been considered by investment treaty tribunals.


Getting Started with the Subject Navigator

Use this guide to get more familiar with the Subject Navigator tool, and how you can use it to narrow down and isolate issues relevant to your research.