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Subject Navigator: Following a subject

You can simply and effectively stay up to date with newly published, relevant analysis related to a topic of interest, by following a subject within the Subject Navigator tool. Following a subject will allow you to receive in-app notifications and email notifications when investment treaty decisions and awards have referred to the subject in question.

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Following a subject

From within the Subject Navigator tool you, can follow a subject to get notified when newly published analysis of an Investment treaty decision or award contains a reference to the subject branch. 

When following a subject in this way, you will receive notifications when analysis is published within the selected branch, or any branch nested below the selected branch in the subject navigator tree. 

TIP: See ‘Getting Started with the Subject Navigator’ to learn more about the research tool

To follow a subject:

  • From the Subject Navigator page, use the down arrow beside the relevant letter to view the subjects
  • Scroll to the subject you would like to follow or use the ‘+’ symbol to view nested subjects
  • Open the Actions menu at the right-most side of the selected subject branch

Actions Menu

  • Click Follow Topic

Actions menu dropdown

The subject has now been added to your followed topics.

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