Investor-State Law Guide

Using the Article Citator in a Document View

Use this guide to understand how to use the article citator tool within the document view of a dispute document.


When viewing text of a dispute document, you will be able to use the different research tools to see treaties or arbitration rules, publications, other jurisprudence, subjects or terms & phrases that the award/decision has referred to. If you select the Article Citator, the document text will show highlighted excerpts that show how the referenced legal instruments and particular provisions have been applied by the tribunal.

Learn more about the different research tools in ISLG here.  (Links to article “Understanding the Research Tools’).

Understanding the Article Citator Left-Hand Sidebar

The left-hand sidebar will allow you to jump to relevant sections in the dispute document in two ways: Table of Contents and Cited Treaties/Arbitration Rules

Table of Contents

Click on the arrow to reveal a list of sections within the document. Clicking on a section title will bring you to that place in the document text. Press the arrow again to collapse the list of sections.

View all Treaties and Rules Cited

Click on the arrow to reveal a listing of all legal instruments that this document refers to. Under each there will be a link to “View in the Article Citator”. This will bring you to the Article Citator tool, where you will be able to see all other jurisprudence that refer to the same legal instrument.

Learn more about the Article Citator

Article Citator Sidebar

Article Citator Sidebar View


Article Citator Sidebar


Article Citator Sidebar

Portion Cited

In order to view where specific provisions are referred to within the dispute document text, use the “portion cited” dropdown. This will show you which specific provision within the legal instrument is referred to by this document, or if you select “All”, it will show you where general references to the legal instrument are made.

Example: The dispute document, Saba Fakes v. Republic of Turkey, ICSID Case No. ARB/07/20, Award, 14 July 2010, refers to the legal instrument, ICSID Convention (1965). Within the “portion cited” dropdown menu you can select “Article 25” to view the text within the dispute document that refers to Article 25 of the ICSID Convention.

If you would like to view the text of the referenced provision from the selected legal instrument, click the link  “Preview [provision name]”. This will only work for specific provisions, and not general references that are listed as “All”. Once you select the preview option, you will see a popup appear with the excerpt of that provision. From here you can copy the excerpt to save for your research purposes, or even visit that legal instrument’s provision by selecting “View in Document”. To exit out of this and go back to the dispute document you were viewing, press the “x” icon to close.

Article Citator Preview Provision

Jumping to the document excerpt with the reference

In order to view the section within the award or decision you are viewing that makes a reference to the legal instrument, select the paragraph numbers listed below the “Referred to in this case at” heading. The paragraphs listed will correspond to “Portions Cited” dropdown, so be sure to select the correct provision, or general reference, to see the applicable referencing text. Once you make a selection you will be brought to that section within the dispute document that refers to the specific provision or general legal instrument.


Article Citator Paragraph Listing

Selected Treaty/Rule Cited

If you navigate to the dispute document from the Article Citator tool, your left sidebar will have an additional section: “Selected Treaty/Rule Cited”. This will automatically display the legal instrument from which you selected the dispute document in the Article Citator. Similarly to the “View all treaties and rules cited” you will be able to use the “Portions Cited” dropdown to select a specific provision or general reference, and view the paragraphs within the document that refer to them.

Article Citator Side bar

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Getting Started with the Article Citator

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