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How to view your followed topics

This article will help you find where you can view your followed topics that allow you to receive notifications.

Navigating to followed topics

There are two ways to navigate to view all the topics you have followed:

  1. Select the “My Account” menu from the top right-hand side, then select “My Followed Topics”. or
  2. Select the “My Account” menu from the top right hand side, then select “Account Preferences”, then select “Communications” then select “My Followed Topics”.

With the above methods, you will then be led to a list of all topics you have followed when browsing the application

To learn more about following topics see Receiving and Managing Notification

Searching followed topics

Once you arrive at the followed topics list, you can use the keyword search to find a specific topic that you have followed. Upon pressing search, the list will be filtered to only show topics that match your keyword. If there are no matches, you will see a message stating that no followed topics were found. In order to reset and see your whole list again, you can erase the keyword that you entered and press search again.

Managing followed topics

From this list, you will be able to turn off email notifications for the topic, by selecting the toggle button and setting it to the “off” state. You can also delete a followed topic to no longer receive any notifications by selecting the “x” icon.

See all notifications for a topic

In order to view all notifications received for a certain topic, select the “See all notifications for this topic” button under each topic. This will bring you to a list of all notifications related to the topic, organized by the “read” status. In order to navigate back to the list of followed topics, select the browser “back” button, or select “My Account > My Followed Topics” again.

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